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Innovative Steering Column has attracted great interest at the Agritechnica 2015 ILERI’s latest steering column displayed at the Agritechnica 2015 has attracted great interest. The most signigicant aspect of this new steering column is that it offers a rigid locking of tilt and telescope movement due to the new locking system. In most of the steering columns in the market, there is either backlash or slippage issues due to the conventional locking systems. It is an innovative design in a way that there is neither a backlash problem nor slippage as with a standard locking mechanism. In addition to the above innovative feature, there are additional advantages as follows: - Easy to use single hand lever for tilt and telescope movement - Provides best-in-class ergonomic working condition for driver - Rigid mechanism suitable to off-Highway environments - Tilt/telescope adjustment lever is flexible. It can easily be placed on the left, right or mid position - Variable positions of tilt and telescope with max 4 degrees of increments - Locking can be pneumatically controlled - Compatible with all types of steering wheel connections and hydraulic pump interfaces - Designed on cost-benefit analysis For more information, ILERI’s engineering team is at your disposal.